When you start to feel that overnight winter chill in your home, the thermostat is the first place homeowners look to in order to stay comfortable. But lower temperatures can mean higher heating bills, and if your ductwork is improperly sized or has developed some of the common inefficiencies that ductwork is prone to over time, your ductwork could be costing you more hard-earned cash each month! Fortunately for homeowners here in Davis, California, the ductwork specialists at Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric can help you determine when it’s time to address your ductwork for energy efficient and reliable comfort all year long.

Signs of Inefficient Ductwork

It can be difficult to gain an accurate picture of your ductwork without actually looking at it from your attic or crawlspace, but there are a few of signs to look out for, especially if you’ve never had your ductwork serviced or properly sized, such as:
  • Noticeably higher heating bills
  • Dust and dirt building up on your vents
  • A constantly running furnace
  • Weak air flow from vents

And if high heating bills and a chilly home aren’t enough to make you take a second look at your ductwork, there are other frustrating symptoms that can affect your home comfort and your wallet all year round.

Ductwork issues will force your furnace and air conditioner to work much harder than they need to, which means they are incurring unnecessary wear and tear and require more maintenance. When there are leaks in your ductwork, outside contaminants will be introduced to the air you and your family breathe in and out each day, plummeting your indoor air quality (IAQ) and increasing your allergy like symptoms in your own home. Ductwork is like the “lungs” of your home and is vital to your health and comfort!

The Importance of Duct Design

We find that most ductwork issues can be attributed to improper installations, damage incurred during construction, and improper sizing when it comes to duct design. Ductwork that is either too small or too large will not allow enough of the warm air from your furnace to heat up your living space and will set your furnace into overdrive to reach the setting on the thermostat. Your ductwork should be sized just right for the square footage of your home and the size of your furnace (and air conditioner!)

If your ductwork is sized just right, it should also be checked over for leaks, cracks, and areas that are in need of insulation. As the “lungs” of your home, ductwork deals with both hot and cold air. This constant expansion and contraction will cause cracks to form, and since ductwork runs through your unconditioned spaces like the attic and crawlspace, insulation will prevent any energy loss as it travels to the vents in your home.

Keep Comfortable, Breathe Easy, and Spend Less

If you suspect that the inefficiencies of the heating and cooling system in your home are costing you more than they need to, get the answers you need with a comprehensive energy audit from the home comfort professionals at Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric. We will take a look under the hood and tell you exactly what factors are affecting your indoor air quality and overall home performance so you can make informed choices when it comes to your energy efficiency upgrades.

Your ductwork could be the cause of your furnace frustrations — so get the answers you need from the duct design experts at Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric. Get in touch today!

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