Core values in every step of the process.

    As a new customer, our goal is to explain everything related to California home efficiency and put you at ease with the upgrade process. When our friendly staff members begin the discussion, you’ll notice a big difference from our competitors. We are entirely focused on California homeowners and we understand that when it comes to your residence, you want to be comfortable in every way.

    With Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric, you can expect:
    • Step by step process
    • Total focus on homeowners
    • Comfort, thoroughness and honesty
    • Efficiency with the investment you’re making

    We believe that thoroughness and honesty are part of what makes our country great, and we do our part to keep those values alive. You’ll see this every step of the way.

    Saving you money, beginning to end.

    money back dropping into palm iconYou won’t just get values with us – you’ll also get VALUE. Your dollars matter, and we will help you get the highest return on your investment in home performance.

    That dialogue begins with assessing your home and determining where energy is escaping. If possible, we want to make your home more comfortable without installing the most expensive system on the market. But if you do need a new system, we’ll work with you on a solution that fits your budget and provides for ongoing maintenance. The longer your home performance systems last, the bigger the value.

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