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Each year, many homeowners in our area look toward ways to improve home performance with upgrades like new air conditioning units, heating systems or air sealing/insulation. The benefits of enhancing home energy efficiency are substantial, but financial concerns often sit front and center in the minds of today’s homeowners. After all, home upgrades can be costly depending on the circumstances, which causes many people to feel as if they don’t have the option.

At Greiner, we believe each and every customer we serve deserves to be able to make valuable upgrades to their home, regardless of their financial situation. We offer special financing options and tax credits that can help make home performance possible, even if you never thought you could afford to have the work done.

Travis Credit Union Financing

Financing Made Easy

Greiner Heating, Air, & Solar has partnered with Travis Credit Union to offer financing options to our customers.

Travis offers:

  • A low, fixed interest rate
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Affordable monthly payments

Receive a decision within minutes.


Fast, Friendly, Local

Visit our website for additional benefits of being a member at Travis Credit Union.

PACE Financing

Everyone wants to make their home more energy efficient, but it’s not always easy to pay for certain upgrades. You can use PACE funding to cover the full cost of your project, designed around a payment plan that is tailored specifically to you.

Home performance upgrades eligible for PACE financing include:

At Greiner, we work with PACE financing and have seen first-hand the benefits it brings to California homeowners. We’ll arrange financing through PACE that will allow you to pay for the work performed over a period of up to 20 years.

Conventional Financing

For homeowners who need flexibility in paying for home performance upgrades, we offer a number of different conventional financing options. These include:

  • 6, 12 or 18 months same as cash
  • Regular revolving credit
  • Payment via credit card, debit card, bank draft or our 90-days same as cash professional courtesy card.

Conventional financing options exist for everyone, and we’ll help come up with a solution that perfectly fits your budget and current financial situation .

Tax Credits

Some of the home performance upgrades you choose to make may be eligible for tax credits. Possible tax credits include:

  • Federal energy efficiency tax credits with ENERGY STAR
  • Additional state, local and utility incentives

To learn more about financing options and tax credits, contact us today.

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