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Getting a home performance upgrade project off the ground can be easier said than done. Financial concerns abound for many California homeowners, and moving forward isn’t easy if there’s stress about funding a project. Some people are surprised to learn that some home performance upgrades are eligible for tax credits, which can make completing and paying for a job easier.

Federal Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

Many California homeowners are familiar with the ENERGY STAR logo found on certain appliances. These products tend to cost somewhat more than their alternatives, but they also provide lasting savings in the form of improved energy efficiency. Even more good news exists in that some ENERGY STAR-certified products are eligible for federal tax credits.

Photovoltaic systems need to provide electricity for the home and meet code requirements for fire and electrical in order to be eligible. We’ll discuss the project you’re thinking of completing and help you determine whether or not a tax credit is applicable to your situation.

Additional State, Local and Utility Incentives

California homeowners are lucky in that there are over 200 available incentive programs that can assist in paying for energy efficiency and home performance upgrades. Programs such as CaliforniaFIRST and Energy Upgrade California have made a huge difference for countless homeowners in the state, and new incentives are being rolled out on a regular basis.

The Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency is an excellent resource for California homeowners who are interested in tax credits for home performance upgrades. Click here to learn more about energy savings that you may qualify for.

Tax credits can make funding a home performance project possible. Contact us today to learn more about whether or not your project may be eligible for credits or incentives.

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