Keep your home cool, no matter how hot it gets outside.

No matter how much you love the California sunshine, it's difficult to get around the fact that some days get unbearably hot. Davis, Dixon, and Vacaville homeowners need to know that they can retreat to a cool, comfortable home when the temperatures start rising outside.

Many already rely on air conditioning of some kind to keep their homes at reasonable temperatures year-round. But while window units can work in a pinch, and other types of standalone units can be great, there's nothing more effective than central air. As the area’s leading air conditioning contractors, the experts at Greiner can help make your home more comfortable, from AC repair and maintenance to air conditioning replacement and upgrades.

How Does Central Air Conditioning Work?

Central air differs from other air conditioning systems in some important ways. In most cases, a centralized unit will cool and dehumidify the air, then push it throughout the home via a series of ducts. Central air systems often share a duct system with home heating systems, so you'll often see the two bundled together. Since the main AC unit can be noisy, it's typically located entirely outside the home. The unit will condition the air before sending it inside and distributing it from room to room.

The Benefits of Central AC

Many homeowners believe that any old standalone air conditioning unit will keep a house cool and comfortable, but this is not always the case. In comparison to most window AC systems or standalone units, central air will always be more efficient and effective at cooling the entire home – especially for those living in large homes.

Wondering if central air is for you? Here are a few reasons to consider it:

  • Direct flow of cool air to every room in your home

  • Less in-home noise than other types of air conditioning units

  • Improved comfort levels (air is dehumidified)

  • Higher energy efficiency than other A/C types

  • Better indoor air quality

Air Conditioning Installation the Greiner Way

Our staff at Greiner Heating, Air, & Solar believes that every one of our customers deserves to enjoy true home comfort, and a central air conditioner can often be the key to unlocking the puzzle. Our HVAC contractors will help find a solution that will fit your budget and needs!

Get in touch with our team today — with more information about your home’s current cooling system, we can explain the different air conditioning options for your home, including the different new AC unit costs.

Upgrade Your Home with Quality Lennox Air Conditioners

When it comes to heating systems we recommend and install, we value quality, durability, quiet operation, and overall energy efficiency. Central AC units from Lennox will keep your home comfortable all summer long, with lower monthly electricity costs and more reliable performance than your old, aging central AC system or window units.

Learn more about the average cost to replace your HVAC unit with a new Lennox AC system. Call or contact us today and tell us more about your home.

Stay cool with a new, high-efficiency AC.

Plus get up to $6,500 in PG&E rebates!

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