Let’s be honest — air ducts are forgettable! They stay hidden away in your home and, most of the time, should be out of mind. Periodically, though, ducts can still become a problem for any California home.

If your AC, furnace, or heat pump unit is the heart of your HVAC system, the ducts are like veins, carrying the comfortable air in and out of the living spaces of your home. Like veins, ventilation systems and duct design must be strategic to ensure high performance.

As difficult as it can be to thoroughly inspect your ducts yourself, if you suspect an issue, there are clues you can use to determine if you need ductwork replacement or repairs. Let’s explore the most common ones:

Old Ductwork

Like anything else, the quality of a home’s ductwork will deteriorate over an extended period of time. If your ducts have been in place for 10 years or more, now is a good time to schedule an inspection to determine their current condition and avoid unexpected issues like pests, disrepair, and more.

Insufficient Airflow

Insufficient airflow can be an easily-solved problem. Have you redecorated recently? Is a piece of new or recently moved furniture blocking a register you might have forgotten about? Normal changes in a home sometimes present issues that can be resolved quickly.

Still struggling with low airflow despite all your registers being open and unobstructed? Weak airflow can be attributed to ductwork that is undersized, dirty, or in poor condition. A consultation with a professional is your best shot at finding a resolution.

Poor Cooling Performance

If your home’s footprint hasn’t changed (i.e., no recent additions or renovation) you shouldn’t see any major changes in your system’s capacity to cool. If you do notice a difference, inspect the system visually for any obvious obstructions. If you can’t find any, you can also try replacing your filter, as these will slow the cooling process if they need to be replaced.

Still experiencing insufficient cooling? You’ve done your best — now it’s time to consult an HVAC expert.

Punctures, Dents, or Leaks

Just as a leak in one of your car tires can bring your whole vehicle to a halt, the efficiency of your HVAC system relies on your ductwork being in good condition.

If you detect or suspect that your ducts have a puncture, dent, or leak somewhere, an expert HVAC technician will be able to give you all the information you need to decide whether a patch or seal will suffice, or if a full duct replacement would be best.

Odorous Air or Mold

Does your home have a new or worsening funky smell? Maybe it even smells a little moldy, especially when the air is running? We highly recommend reaching out to a professional for issues like these as mold can aggravate allergies, and even cause other serious health concerns.

If you have concerns about mold getting into your ductwork, a professional will also be happy to help you manage prevention! Once mold is inside air ducts, cleanings can help, but the best solution is new ductwork entirely.

Noisy AC Operation

The only thing that should be inside your ductwork is air, which shouldn’t make any noise on its own! If your ducts are noisy when your HVAC is operating, it’s time for an inspection before any damage occurs.

Poor Design or Installation

While most installers are highly reputable, we will sometimes see a poorly installed duct system that requires repair or replacement.

If you’re experiencing hot or cold spots in your home that don’t appear to be related to any of the symptoms above, an HVAC pro will be able to help you find answers through a home assessment, and help you solve any problems as home zoning experts.

Take the Guesswork Out of Maintenance

Concerned about ductwork repair costs? With our Maintenance Value Plan, you can have peace of mind with all of your HVAC needs because the Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric experts know the best methods to check your ductwork.

For just $14.95 a month, you’ll access an array of services to keep your systems in peak condition:
  • 2 Free Precision Tune-ups Per Year
  • Free Water Heater Safety Inspection
  • Priority Scheduling
  • 20% Discounts on Repairs
  • 75% Discount on Diagnostic House Call
  • 12-Month Repair Guarantee
  • Transferable to a new home if you move
As a result, you’ll enjoy:
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Lower monthly utility bills
  • Safer equipment operation
  • Fewer costly emergency repairs
  • Longer lasting equipment

Wondering if your ductwork needs attention or was improperly installed? Contact us online today for speedy support.

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