July 7, 2021

Have you seen more solar panels around your neighborhood lately? Many Californians are benefiting from installing solar, and here are the top reasons why:

  • Rebates

The Federal Solar Tax Credit is still offering impressive tax savings on the cost of solar installation. This makes solar more affordable than you might thave thought!

  • Energy Savings

A properly designed solar PV system should offset most, if not all of your energy usage and related costs over the next 25+ years. Thats a lot of savings!

  • The Carbon Reduction

California is on its way to being carbon neutral by 2045, and installing solar panels on your home is doing your part to help the environment!

  • Reduce Grid Demand

Electricity is in high demand during the dry, hot summer, so using solar energy reduced the strain put on the grid during vulnerable times of the year!

With Greiner at the helm of your solar installation, we can help you reduce your energy consumption through energy efficient HVAC upgrades, and then design and install a solar PV system to meet all of your needs! Ask the local guys (and gals) at Greiner about solar PV installation today.

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