May 25, 2017

Going Solar is More Affordable Than You Think

Homeowners across California are switching to solar. Although almost everyone understands the appeal and advantages of solar, many are surprised at just how affordable going solar can be, especially when the benefits continue to add up over time.

Benefits of Switching to Solar

The sun’s energy is a renewable resource that can be used to power your home. Once you switch to solar, the benefits include:

  • Decreased electricity bills to help you save money month over months for years to come.
  • Reduced energy use for a smaller carbon footprint and decreased environmental impact.
  • Increased home value; solar appeals to prospective home buyers and an efficiency upgrade.
  • Protection against energy rate increases. 

Making Solar Affordable & Accessible in California

Although solar panels were prohibitively expensive when they first came on the market, the technology has improved, dropping costs significantly. Now every homeowner can enjoy the benefits of going solar.

30% Federal Solar Tax Credit

Every homeowner who purchases a solar system is eligible for a 30% federal tax credit. This means that when you get solar panels installed, your next tax return refund will include 30% of the total systems cost. This guaranteed return helps to cut the cost of a new solar system significantly.

PACE Financing for Renewable Solar Energy Upgrades

Another factor that helps to make solar even more accessible to California homeowners is PACE financing. Based on your home’s value, you’ll be able to finance your solar upgrade and pay back the cost over time, with no initial out-of-pocket costs. With the amount you’ll save on your energy bills, you’ll be able to use those savings to repay the loan on your property taxes.

 Go Solar with Greiner

Whether you’re looking to save money on bills or upgrade the efficiency of your home, the Greiner team can help you make the switch to solar. With the 30% federal tax credit and PACE financing options, you’ll be able to budget for the upgrade and start seeing the benefits of your solar system. Our professional experts will design a system suited to your home’s needs so that you can reduce and even potentially eliminate you electricity bills for maximized savings. 

Solar is more affordable thank you think!

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