Having any amount of cool air coming out of your vents on a hot summer day is a blessing, but just because your central air conditioner is running doesn’t mean it’s running well. For many homeowners, the thought that you might need to call for AC repair (or even, gasp, AC replacement!) might create some anxiety.

But actually, catching (and fixing) issues with your air conditioning early will often help you avoid more expensive breakdowns and repair costs down the road. One of the easiest ways to tell if something is wrong with your cooling system is by listening to it.

Is your air conditioner making strange sounds?

Here are a few of the different noises you might be hearing, and what could be going on.
  • 1. Rattling, Banging, or Clunking
    Are you hearing your AC make a rattling sound or clunking noise? Air conditioner rattles are often related to a loose part somewhere in your system, like a fan blade or a detached panel. If the sound is coming from the outdoor unit, it could be leaves or a branch that’s gotten stuck inside—which is a good reason to keep your outdoor unit clean and clear of debris!
  • 2. Hissing
    An air conditioner making a hissing noise could be a sign that you have a refrigerant leak, or too much pressure in your compressor. Both problems should be addressed immediately.
  • 3. Buzzing
    If your AC is making a buzzing noise, it could be because of a malfunctioning compressor or because of a refrigerant leak that’s caused your AC to freeze. Buzzing could also be the sign of an electrical issue.
  • 4. Clicking
    A clicking sound from your AC could signify an electrical problem (especially if the unit isn’t turning on), or it could be a part of the fan blade repeatedly hitting an obstruction. Does the clicking start out slow and then increase in frequency? It’s likely an issue with your fan blade—think of a baseball card stuck in the spokes of a bicycle.
  • 5. Squealing
    Squealing or screeching sounds could be caused by a fan belt that has become misaligned or worn out. If your model doesn’t have a fan belt (many newer models don’t), it could be the bearings on your direct drive fan motor that need to be inspected.

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