What is building electrification, and why is it becoming so important to California’s future? The buildings we live, play, and work in can have a serious impact on California’s environment, and there is a shift happening in how we continue to keep our buildings comfortable and safe. Read on to learn more about building electrification, and how you can prepare for a more energy-efficient and sustainable life here in Davis, Dixon, and Vacaville.

What is Building Electrification?

Put simply, building electrification does away with the use of any power source or fuel other than electricity when it comes to appliances and devices used to keep a building operational — including heating and cooling, cooking, laundry, water heating, and more. This greatly reduces our reliance on fossil fuels like propane, natural gas, and heating oil, which all contribute to greenhouse emissions that California is trying to lower.

This movement towards all-electric buildings is also encouraged by state legislators, public utilities, and municipalities. There are multiple incentives available to help reduce the cost of improving the efficiency and sustainability of your home or workplace, which is good because new legislation from the California Energy Commission requires all newly constructed homes to include all-electric and energy-efficient heat pumps for heating and cooling.

Benefits of an Electrified Building

The urgency for all-electric buildings may benefit the local and global environment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also see multiple benefits from switching to an all-electric home. For starters, many all-electric appliances make a building more efficient, meaning they use less energy than their aging counterparts. And because they reduce the need for fossil fuels, you can say goodbye to gas bills and the volatility of fuel prices and availability. Capping a gas line also means less risk of accidental fires and explosions (a rare occurrence, but not unheard of here in California). Plus, some all-electric upgrades provide specific benefits like faster boil times when using an induction stove, zoned home comfort with multi-head heat pump systems, and more.

Heat Pumps at the Center of Electrification

The natural gas utilized in California in 2019 was ten times more than the state’s natural gas supply production, and 64.4% of home heating systems in the state rely on natural gas. Switching to all electric heating and cooling will reduce California’s reliance on importing natural gas, and will reduce statewide carbon emissions.

Heat pumps provide both heat and air conditioning, meaning a heat pump can supplement or even replace an entire central heating and cooling system. Heat pumps and ductless mini splits have become the entry point for many homeowners and businesses throughout the state looking to go all-electric, not only because of the benefits they provide but also because of the energy upgrade rebates available!

Get Your Electrification Process Started with Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric

Saying “goodbye” to fossil fuels and embracing clean electricity does not have to happen all at once — and the guys and gals at Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric are here to help homeowners throughout Vacaville, Dixon, Davis, and the surrounding areas take it one piece at a time — including solar panel installation! Call our team today to learn which all-electric upgrade is right for your home!

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