The ductless mini-split or mini-split heat pump has been on the rise as a remarkably energy-efficient home heating and cooling solution, offering homeowners significant energy savings and the ability to target specific areas of their home for customized comfort. At Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric, we have noticed more and more California families opting for the versatility and easy operation of a mini-split, and some of them ask: “If I have the option of choosing, what are the best places to put a mini-split system?”

Keeping in mind that there are two main components to a ductless mini-split heat pump—an indoor air handler and an outdoor unit—here’s what you need to know about where to install a heat pump for maximum value.

Where Should the Air Handler Part of My Mini-Split Heat Pump Be Located?

The indoor air handler is installed directly in the room or area you are targeting for comfort, so look for a centrally located exterior wall (i.e., an outdoor facing wall) that will be accessible for maintenance and can leave at least two inches of headroom below the ceiling.

Which room you choose is largely up to you and what you’re trying to accomplish with your new HVAC unit—one of the great things about a mini-split is that you can pick a room that your central air HVAC system just can’t seem to keep comfortable enough, or the bonus room above the garage that does not have access to the ductwork, and is always stuffy and hot.

Choosing the Best Location for a Heat Pump Condenser Unit

The outdoor unit component of a mini-split, sometimes called a condenser unit, connects to the air handler via a refrigerant line, which is more energy-efficient than the ductwork of a central heating and cooling system. But you don’t want the refrigerant piping to be too long or you’ll run into connectivity issues, so make sure the outdoor unit and indoor air handle aren’t more than 50 feet apart.

The outdoor unit has a lot in common with a central AC system’s outdoor unit, and they can be placed in similar locations. You should be looking for an area close to the house, away from shrubs, plants, or other landscaping obstacles that can affect air flow and in a place that doesn’t get too much direct sunlight. Some outdoor units are mounted directly on the side of the house, while others can be placed on a concrete pad on the ground.

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