Have you noticed a slight orange tint to the water in your bath or shower lately? Or maybe you walked out into the garage only to find a puddle of water underneath your water heater. Did the kids spill a water bottle, or is it time to replace your water heater?

At Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric, we regularly hear from customers who desperately need to have their water heater replaced after an emergency breakdown has occurred; but what are the signs that it is time to replace your water heater before it completely breaks down on you?

If Your Water Heater is Over a Decade Old

Most water heaters are rated to last about ten years. If you inherited the water heater in your home when you bought your house, look for the manufacturer serial number. This should contain the month and year it was manufactured in the first three or four numbers and letters. Check your water heater’s serial number with the manufacturer to determine what year it was made, and if it’s over ten years old, you should look to replace it in the near future — even if you aren’t experiencing any other symptoms of wear and tear yet.

If There’s A Puddle Of Water Under Your Water Heater

Small leaks in your water heater can turn into big leaks rather quickly, especially if rust or calcium deposits have deteriorated the base of your water heater. The pipes in your water heater are also constantly expanding and contracting from the heat and can form holes and fractures that will cause water to leak. If you have noticed standing water underneath your water heater, you should call the pros at Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric. A design specialist can go over all replacement options with you so that you can make an informed decision.

If Your Hot Water is Rusty

Speaking of rust, there are a couple of reasons that your water may be turning orange from the rust in your plumbing system. If you have rusty pipes, the discolored water should eventually fade away over time. But if you have left your faucet to run hot water for five gallons or more, and there is still an orange hue to your water, it is likely from the rust buildup in your water heater, and your water heater will need to be replaced.

If Your Water Heater is Rumbling

If you are sure that the rumbling is coming from your water heater and not from your stomach, your water heater may be suffering from excess sediment buildup. Sediment in your water supply will settle to the bottom of the tank, and force your water heater to work much harder than it needs to in order to provide you with hot showers and warm water. A water heater tank full of sediment will also send your utility bills higher than they need to be and end up costing you over time. So the earlier you can replace your water heater, the more money you will save.

Your Options for Hot Water Heater Replacement

When you need hot water, you need it fast, and you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to heat it up. That is why Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric has carefully handpicked the best in high efficiency tanked water heaters. If you are looking for a lower upfront cost, stable hot water, and lower utility bills, a tank water heater is the way to go.

Ready for Water Heater Replacement? Call Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric!

Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric has been the trusted by Dixon, Vacaville and Davis, CA homeowners for over 25 years. Our commitment to complete honesty in every aspect of the job will ensure you are happy with your water heater replacement. If you’re worried that it’s time to toss your old water heater, call the trusted local guys (and gals!) at Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric!

Worried your water heater is on its way out? Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric can help! Learn about our high efficiency replacement options by contacting us today.

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