Many homes in the Southern California area rely heavily on central air conditioning during the summer. If you compare the duct system in your home to a living, breathing creature, duct work would be your home’s veins, transporting conditioned air evenly throughout the home. When an artery is blocked, torn, or suffering from infection, the air condition and efficiency of transportation are affected. Similarly in an HVAC system, if the duct work is damaged or dirty, the circulation and quality of air throughout your home will suffer. Ducting issues are usually the result of either improper installation or poor maintenance.

These problems can be identified relatively easily. Here are a few common issues, and what they may mean for your ductwork.

Problem: Difficulty heating or cooling certain rooms in your household

Potential Issue: Ductwork could be kinked or improperly balanced, resulting in uneven airflow.

Problem: Lots of noise when your system is running.

Potential Issue: Too much air is moving through too small a register. Either the ductwork is undersized or the system is oversized.

Problem: Strange smells coming through the vents when using your system.

Potential Issue: Ductwork is not sealed, meaning unfresh attic or crawlspace air is entering your home through your duct system.

Problem: Your house heats up quickly after your air conditioner turns off.

Potential Issue: Duct leakage or improper sealing

Homeowners are often surprised at how the poor condition of their ductwork affects their level of comfort and physical well-being. If you are interested in knowing more, request an energy audit for a thorough assessment of your duct system today.

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