There are many benefits to electrifying your Davis, Dixon, or Vacaville, California home. Electrification can make your home safer by reducing the number of combustion systems required to keep your home comfortable, which can leak carbon monoxide and lead to unhealthy and even harmful contaminants in your home’s air.

Eliminating combustion-fueled systems in your home also means you’ll be able to reduce your carbon emissions overall, making your lifestyle easier on the environment. But what are examples of home electrification upgrades that California homeowners can make? The experts at Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric are no strangers to home electrification upgrades, and we’re here to help you learn more.

Top Home Electrification Upgrades in California

Heat Pumps

Over 50% of the energy used to heat and cool California homes derives from natural gas. By upgrading to a more efficient heat pump or ductless mini split heat pump, you can convert your heating and cooling to safe, electric alternatives. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy lower maintenance costs because you’re only maintaining one system that can both heat and cool, instead of separate heating and air conditioning systems.

Solar PV System Installation

When you choose to upgrade your home through various electrification measures, you still need to pay for the electricity to power those systems, and California utilities rely on fossil fuels to generate electricity. The one exciting exception is the addition of a home solar PV system. By installing solar panels, you’ll be able to use free, renewable solar energy to power your home.

Depending on the size of your roof and solar system, California homes will be able to offset anything from some to all of their electricity use. Curious about going fully off-grid to avoid rolling blackouts, power outages, and more power problems? The Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric team can help you get started.

Heat Pump and High-Efficiency Tank Water Heaters

You probably use your water heater more often than you think—to wash dishes or run your dishwasher, to clean your clothes, to shower—the list goes on! Consider an electric, high-efficiency heat pump water heater for your next upgrade.

Heat pump water heaters work the same way that heat pump HVAC systems do, warming the water in your tank with heat in the surrounding air. This results in an efficient, electric alternative to conventional water heaters that can help save you money every month.

Protect Your Investment with Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric‘s Home Maintenance Value Plan

Upgrading one or more of your home’s systems is no small expense, but by taking good care of them with routine maintenance—just like you would with a vehicle—you can get years of reliable use out of your investment. Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric is here to help with our Maintenance Value Plan to cover your heating system, air conditioning system, and water heater.

Here’s what’s included in Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric‘s Maintenance Value Plan:
  • 2 Free Precision Tune-Ups Per Year
  • Free Water Heater Safety Inspection
  • Priority Scheduling
  • 20% Discount On Repairs
  • 75% Discount On Diagnostic Service Visits
  • 12-Month Repair Guarantee

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