Hi, this is Blake, the Energy Design Consultant at Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric. I do whole-home energy assessments, system size selection, duct design and testing of our installed equipment to verify delivered efficiency goals are met. Here’s a short story to explain some of what I do!

Today, I visited a customer to see how her new A/C system was working. She had never had central A/C before, so she was, of course, already ecstatic. I asked her how the comfort was in each room. She responded that the master bedroom was too cold and the living room was a little warm.

I measured the airflows and compared them to my design data. The data matched what she was telling me- the master bedroom was getting about 150% of the design airflow and the living room was only getting 50% of what it needed.

As part of my visit, I spent some time balancing the airflows based on the design data to ensure that each room was getting the airflow that the design called for. After we balanced the airflows, the customer was even happier than before.

I know that this customer was so pleased already that she wouldn’t have mentioned the unbalanced airflows- but I asked anyway. We’re not afraid to ask because we’re equipped with the knowledge and tools to solve the problem. And we know that you deserve high-performance, high-efficiency heating and air systems. (And we would have solved it anyway with our testing protocol!)

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