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Mini-split heat pumps are the premier choice for those who want to improve home comfort while also saving money on their energy bill. A relatively new type of home heating system, mini-splits operate without ducts and offer flexibility of placement in practically any room throughout your home. For California homeowners currently using an old furnace, making the jump to mini-split heat pumps is like night and day.

How Do Mini-split Heat Pumps Work?

As with most conventional HVAC systems, mini-split heat pumps make use of a condenser and a compressor, both of which sit outside your home. Rather than transferring conditioned air to a series of ducts, however, mini-splits send warm air through copper piping into an air-handling unit that is located inside.

The resulting warm air is then quietly distributed, resulting in true home comfort that is difficult to achieve with older, conventional HVAC systems.

Why Switch to Mini-splits?

Switching to mini-split heat pumps is a worthwhile upgrade for all California homeowners. Here are just a few reasons to consider them:

  • Simple Add-on — If you’re happy with your current heating system but feel as if you could be getting more out of it in terms of home performance and energy efficiency, mini-splits can be a great option. They’re ideal when used as add-ons in addition to replacing old HVAC systems entirely.
  • Extreme Flexibility — Today’s homeowners crave solutions that allow them to customize everything to their liking, which is why flexibility is key in determining which heating system is best for your home. Mini-splits can be installed practically anywhere in a home, making them the best option for those looking for flexibility with interior design.
  • Energy Efficiency — Everyone wants to save money on their energy bills, but old, outdated furnaces can run your bill sky-high if you aren’t careful. Installing mini-splits is an excellent way to not only improve home performance, but lower your energy bill as well.

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