Setting the standard for energy efficient tank water heating systems.

    When you need hot water, you need it fast. Tank heaters can meet that demand, but many tank-based water heating systems have their drawbacks. These drawbacks can become more than just annoyances, such as heating up much more water than is necessary and ramping up your utility bill.

    What is a High Efficiency Tank Water Heater?

    The traditional water heaters with a storage tank that many people grew up with in their homes were certainly a marvel in design when first introduced, but in today’s more energy efficient world, even the best systems from years ago have a hard time measuring up. The fact is, a great deal of California homeowners still use old tank water heaters on a daily basis, which can amount to a great deal of energy loss over time.

    Today, we have high-efficiency tank water heaters that are far and beyond more effective at heating water than those of the past. Modern tank heaters tend to have thicker insulation walls and utilize a motorized damper, which helps to keep heat loss to a minimum. They’re simple, reliable and will stand the test of time when properly maintained.

    The Benefits of High Efficiency Tank Water Heaters

    The old tank water heater in your basement isn’t doing your home or your phone bill any favors.

    By installing a new, high efficiency tank water heater, you can expect to encounter the following benefits:
    • Low upfront cost
    • Easy, inexpensive replacement and maintenance
    • No need for special venting system
    • Improved efficiency over older units
    • Lower utility bills
    • Stable, consistent hot water

    Upgrading your current tank water heater to a new unit is one of the best decisions a homeowner can make, especially those who have been experiencing noticeable home performance issues.

    Let Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric Install Your New Tank Water Heater

    The staff at Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric is well-versed in the process of installing and troubleshooting tank hot water systems. We work to provide our customers with recommendations that help to ensure they’re getting exactly the type of water heater that is right for them and their homes.