Home performance funding for any type of property.

    Green home icon with tree in centerPACE financing is one of the leading options for homeowners who want to make upgrades that will take energy efficiency to the next level. Eligible homeowners can acquire 100% up-front funding on certain home performance upgrades, which takes the stress over paying for work out of the equation and makes it possible for California residents to make lasting, positive changes to their homes.

    PACE: How it Works

    An energy-efficient home is a valuable home. PACE financing is designed to help forward-thinking homeowners make changes that benefit not only them, but the environment as well – all without the financial concerns usually associated with home improvements.

    PACE operates in a simple, straightforward way. A project is evaluated for eligibility, and a PACE contractor (like Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric) performs the work at hand once funding is provided by local government. From there, assessment payments are made over the course of up to 20 years. Because PACE financing is tied to the property itself and not the individual, payment responsibilities fall on the property owner, with complete flexibility to change ownership over time.

    The Benefits of PACE Financing

    PACE financing comes along with a number of benefits, including the following:
    • Improved energy efficiency — PACE financing allows you to make valuable upgrades to your home, improving energy efficiency and lowering your monthly utility bill. Some energy efficiency-related benefits accrue year to year, while others can be seen immediately once the work is done.
    • Tax neutrality — Unlike many other retrofit mechanisms, PACE financing is tax neutral, which means there are no concerns over exposure to the country’s general fund.
    • Increased property value — An energy efficient property is a valuable property. When you make home performance upgrades to your home, its value can increase markedly in many cases.
    • Enhanced job development — Everyone wants to live in a healthy, thriving local economy. PACE financing has helped open doors for energy efficient contractors, creating jobs at the local level and promoting improved quality of life.

    To learn more about PACE financing, contact Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric today.