Traditional central or window air conditioning units or furnaces aren’t the only ways to cool and heat your home anymore. Heating and cooling your home in Central California has never been easier, more energy efficient or flexible than with a mini split.

What is a Mini Split?

A mini split heat pump is a two part system, with the air handling unit inside your home and the other piece, a compressor/condenser, outside. Linking the indoor and outdoor units is a conduit, which contains the power cable, condensate drain, refrigerant tubing and suction tubing. This technology allows cooled air to come into the home, expelling hot air out in the summer or doing the opposite during the winter with heated air coming in and forcing cold air out.

The Benefits of Mini Splits

Mini split heat pumps have many benefits over traditional HVAC units. They utilize the most advanced heating and cooling technology to provide home comfort throughout the year. Mini splits offer extreme versatility due to their quiet operation and ability to be installed virtually anywhere. If you’ve been looking for a flexible way to heat and cool your home, a mini split may be the right solution for you.

Easy to Install

Mini splits are easy to install since these ductless units don’t require ductwork. If you’re retrofitting a mini split into your home, you won’t have to deal with the invasive excavation process to install ducts. To install a mini split, typically only a 3 inch hole needs to be drilled to accommodate the conduit.

Energy Efficiency Savings

Since ductless mini splits don’t require ductwork, they avoid the significant air leakage associated with most ducts, making them much more energy efficient than traditional HVAC options. In addition, mini splits are easily zoned, which allows you to control just how much you cool or heat certain areas of your home. By not continuously blasting your entire home with cold or hot air, you’ll continue to save energy. Finally, since the lifespan of a mini split is typically about 15 years, you’ll quickly earn your money back for the installation and continue to save.

Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric: Your Local Home Experts

Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric has over 25 years of home performance experience serving the local community. Our knowledge of how each aspect of your home affects your comfort and its energy efficiency is unparalleled. We can install a mini split as well as discover other methods to improve your home for optimal efficiency and comfort. Local homeowners trust Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric‘s dedication to making sure every home is comfortable, safe and energy efficient year-round .

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