There’s no overstating the importance of air conditioning and furnace maintenance in West Sacramento, CA. Your furnace or heat pump won’t last but a few years if you neglect it. With heating and AC maintenance, though, these systems can last around 15 years, and ductless heat pumps can go for up to 30 years.

The reason is that maintenance eliminates issues early on before they hinder a system’s performance. Energy-efficient performance is the end result of maintenance. With that, you may even see a decline in how much you pay each month for heating and cooling.

When a unit runs efficiently, it has a smaller chance of developing major issues and breaking down unexpectedly. Though you may need parts replacement here and there, these jobs won’t break the bank. Moreover, you may find that your warranty covers them.

One other benefit that comes with yearly maintenance is improved indoor air quality. ACs and heaters indirectly keep your air clean and prevent excessive humidity and dryness.