Summer is here, and that means the California heat is in full swing. Are you relying on your cooling system to keep your entire home comfortable? This usually means setting one temperature for your whole home and hoping that everyone in the family is happy with it.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone ran at the same temperature? And wouldn’t it be amazing of setting one thermostat for your entire home was an efficient way to stay comfortable at home?

Unfortunately, that isn’t usually the case. This summer, the experts at Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric want to fill you in on a few tips to keeping your home comfortable for the whole family — like using smart thermostats and home zoning to customize your cooling needs, and ductless mini split air conditioners to efficiently keep your family comfortable all summer long.

Home Zoning

Your home is already separated into rooms, and each room has a different purpose. Doesn’t it make sense that each room may have different cooling needs as well? By installing a home zoning system, you are dividing your home up into separately controlled areas, using electronically controlled dampers in the ductwork of your central AC unit.

Home zoning saves your cooling system from wasting too much of your money on precious and expensive energy by cooling a room that doesn’t need it. It is particularly effective in multi-story homes and homes with cathedral ceilings or loft areas. Home zoning also reduces the wear-and-tear damage that your cooling system incurs and can save you from expensive and unexpected breakdowns.

Smart Thermostat

When you pair your home zoning with a smart thermostat, complete control of your home comfort goes right into your pocket. A smart thermostat allows you to not only control the temperature of each room or zone but also make adjustments from your smartphone. You can set temperatures for when you are home and away, further increasing your energy efficiency and saving you even more money each month on your energy bills.

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners

If you’re looking to give your cooling system a little help this summer, a ductless mini split is a smart and efficient way to supplement your home comfort system. A mini split can be installed virtually anywhere in your home, and it doesn’t involve the potentially leaky ductwork that traditional central air conditioning requires. What makes a mini split so unique is its energy efficiency — and the fact that it provides both cooling and heating to the room it is installed in.

With a ductless mini split you can expect these benefits:
  • Targeted temperature control
  • Remarkably efficient heating and cooling
  • Easy, ductless installation
  • Whisper quiet operation

Another way to go about the aforementioned home zoning is to use multiple ductless mini splits. This gives each room its own heating and cooling system for complete control. And without any of the bulky ductwork, you aren’t losing money each month through the leaks in your central AC system.

Not Sure Which Is Best For Your Home?

Decisions, decisions, decisions. We get it. Iif you still aren’t sure which of these home cooling options might be best for your home this summer, the experts at Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric have got you covered.

By performing an energy audit on home, we can help you decide what the best solution is going to be for the unique cooling issues your home faces in the California heat this year. We would never install a system in your home if we didn’t believe it would significantly increase your home comfort or save you money on your energy bills!

Ready to solve your cooling problems once and for all? Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric has got the right solutions for you and your family. Contact us today!

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