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Even if you’ve recently installed a high-efficiency furnace, it’s important to schedule regular furnace maintenance for lasting home comfort and energy efficiency. In addition to installing energy-efficient furnaces, we perform furnace maintenance to help homeowners get the most from their furnaces.

Why Schedule Regular Furnace Tune-ups?

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Regular furnace tune-ups are essential for keeping your furnace running at its best. During an annual tune-up, a heating specialist will clean your furnace, make adjustments, and test it from top to bottom, ensuring safe and efficient operation. By scheduling regular tune-ups, you can:

  • Avoid costly emergency repairs

Your heating specialist will identify smaller issues before they escalate into larger ones.

  • Maximize energy efficiency

Your HVAC expert will optimize your furnace for peak performance, lowering energy consumption.

  • Lower your heating bills

An efficient furnace consumes less energy and doesn’t need to run as long to keep your home comfortable.

  • Ensure safe operation

A clean and well functioning furnace will provide your home with clean, warm air that is free of dangerous contaminants and carbon monoxide.

For these benefits and more, be sure to schedule annual furnace maintenance before the heating season begins!

Get Peace of Mind with a Maintenance Plan

For those who want to save time and money with their furnace maintenance, it’s a good idea to consider a maintenance plan. With a maintenance plan, you can gain access to benefits such as priority scheduling, free annual tune-ups, and special repair discounts. You’ll reap the benefits of regular furnace tune-ups and gain peace of mind concerning your heating system. If you’re interested in a maintenance plan for your furnace, be sure to ask about it the next time we visit for a tune-up or repair!

Let Greiner Maintain Your Furnace

At Greiner Heating and Air Conditioning, we take pride in helping homeowners achieve home comfort and energy efficiency through professional furnace maintenance. We also offer a variety of energy upgrades such as air sealing and insulation to help further enhance your home. Rather than risking a sudden heating system breakdown, start reaping the benefits of preventive maintenance for your furnace.

Want greater home comfort, energy efficiency, and peace of mind? Call us or contact us to schedule a furnace tune-up!

Want greater home comfort, energy efficiency, and peace of mind?


Call us or contact us to schedule a furnace tune-up!

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