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High-efficiency furnaces for true home comfort.

California residents owe it to themselves to heat their homes with modern, energy-efficient furnaces. Unfortunately, not everyone has made the switch. Many homeowners heat with old, outdated furnaces that are anything but efficient, often without even realizing the amount of money they’re losing in the process.

Greiner installs high-efficiency furnaces that are perfect for anyone working toward achieving true home performance.

What Makes a Furnace Efficient?

An important thing for all California homeowners to understand is that not all furnaces are created equal. The two main furnace types are condensing and non-condensing, both of which refer to the type of heat exchanger they use. For today’s homeowners, condensing models are far more efficient than the alternative. These models lose a very small amount of heat, ensuring that your home is at a comfortable temperature no matter how chilly it gets outside in the winter.

Switching from an old furnace to a new, energy efficient condensing furnace can have a dramatic effect on home performance, and there’s no better time than now to get started.

The Benefits of Energy-efficient Furnaces

Replacing your furnace is an easy, streamlined process that comes along with a number of different benefits, including the following:

  • Lower Heating Bills — Modern condensing furnaces are 95% more efficient than old, outdated models commonly found in California homes.
  • Less Noise — Our high-efficiency furnaces are as quiet in operation as they are effective at keeping your home warm and toasty in the winter.
  • Improved Home Comfort — A furnace that works properly and without any hiccups will always lead to a more comfortable home.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality — Old furnaces are notorious for contributing to poor indoor air quality. A new, energy-efficient furnace is the answer to the problem.
  • Increased Home Safety — There’s no telling when an old furnace could break down or suffer other problems, some of which may compromise home safety. With a new furnace, this isn’t a concern.

Let Greiner Install Your New High-efficiency Furnace

At Greiner Heating, Air, & Solar, we know that the right furnace can help you to get the most out of energy-efficiency and comfort in your home. Our high-efficiency furnaces are among the best on the market, and the difference they can make for your home becomes clear as soon as you install one.

Efficient heating is within your reach.

Learn more about our high-efficiency home heating options.

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