Everyone wants to be home for the holidays—unless your home is drafty and uncomfortable. Here’s a checklist for keeping your home warm and efficient for the holidays from the experts at Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric.

Schedule an Energy Audit

Scheduling an energy audit is really the best first step you can take if you want greater home comfort, lower energy bills, better indoor air quality, and a safer home for you and your family. An energy audit takes the guesswork out of what is preventing your true home comfort.

Air Seal to Close Holes and Gaps

We find that most homes, no matter what shape they’re in or how old they are, are allowing for the cooler outside air to infiltrate through cracks and gaps in their construction. Seal up those holes with the professionals!

Insulate to Keep the Cold Out

Also known as the ugly Christmas sweater of your home, the insulation in your walls, attic, and crawlspace are essential to preventing any heat loss in your home. This makes the holidays much easier on your furnace or heating appliances.

Schedule Heating Maintenance

Speaking of heating appliances, give your heating system an early gift and schedule some heating maintenance. Make sure it is running smoothly as the thermometer outside begins to drop, and you will spend less on your heating bills throughout the winter.

Zone Your Home

With all the family back in town, avoid all the arguments over the thermostat when you seperate your home into different zones. This provides maximum control over the comfort of your home, and ensures everyone can stay cozy for the holidays.

Test Your Indoor Air Quality

And finally, if the temperature is just right in your home, but the air is unhealthy, you can’t feel truly comfortable. Make sure the air you are breathing is safe for the whole family, by testing for things like radon and carbon monoxide which can be dangerous even at low levels.

A comfortable, and energy efficient home is the gift that keeps on giving! Call Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric today to learn what that means for your home.

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