February 16, 2018
energy audit, Greiner HVAC, CA


Is your home uncomfortable, even while your energy bills are skyrocketing? An energy audit can help you get to the bottom of your home performance issues.

What’s Included in an Energy Audit

Blower door testing

Measures the total amount of air leakage

Infrared thermal imaging

Locates air leaks and gaps in insulation

HVAC system check

Determines if your HVAC equipment is safe and efficient

Report & recommendations

Details which improvements will offer the most benefits

Benefits of an Energy Audit

After we have assessed your home and located problem areas, we can help you make recommended improvements. After these improvements, you’ll experience:

  • Greater home comfort

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Lower monthly energy bills

  • Higher indoor air quality

What does your home need for greater comfort, health, and efficiency?

Find out by scheduling your home energy audit.

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