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November 18, 2019

As we get further and further into the fall season, temperatures are continuing to drop, and every day is a step closer to the point where Davis and Dixon homeowners finally turn on their heating to keep the overnight temperatures comfortable in their California homes.

If this sounds familiar, you probably haven’t thought about your furnace for many months. But it won’t be long before you’re relying on it every day to keep you cozy during the colder winter months.

The best heating system is both reliable and one that you hardly ever have to think about. A great way to achieve home comfort in the coming months is with regular furnace maintenance—here’s why.

Do You Need to Service Your Furnace Every Year?

Similar to bringing your car into the mechanic shop to make sure everything’s running smoothly, annual furnace inspection and maintenance can go a long way towards preventing heating emergencies when you are least expecting them.

Even if you turn your furnace on for the first time since spring and it starts blowing out hot air, that doesn’t mean everything’s okay. There are many HVAC issues that can affect the efficiency of your furnace. An inefficiently-running furnace will waste money in energy use, increase wear and tear, and will create a shorter system lifespan with more frequent repairs.

Improving the efficiency of your furnace will save energy, lower heating bills, and decrease the chance of an emergency service call in the dead of winter.

What Does a Furnace Tune-Up Consist Of?

A furnace tune-up checklist involves a thorough inspection of your system based on improving furnace efficiency.

Furnace maintenance calls include:

  • Visual inspection of furnace components & ductwork

  • Checking air filters

  • Testing safety controls

  • Lubricating moving parts

  • Evaluating thermostat operation

  • Cleaning burners and pilot

  • Tightening electrical connections

  • Water Heater Safety Check

Stop Worrying About Heating with a Maintenance Value Plan

What’s even better than remembering to schedule a furnace tune-up every fall? With Greiner’s Maintenance Value Plan, you can save both time and money. For less than $13 a month, you get two free tune-ups in a year, one in spring or summer for your air conditioner, and one in the fall or winter for your furnace, as well as priority scheduling, discounts on repairs and diagnostic house calls, and more.

Schedule a furnace tune-up this fall and benefit all winter. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

Furnace maintenance saves you money and increases home comfort.

Schedule your fall tune-up today.



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