No matter how high quality your air conditioning system is, it’s important to realize that it will require repairs at one point or another. All appliances can suffer from wear and tear over time, regardless of how much they’re actually used. In some cases, issues with your AC will make themselves known loud and clear. Other times, however, it can be difficult to tell whether or not your AC is in need of repair, or even if it needs replacing.

It’s important to keep an eye on your AC, especially if it’s beginning to show its age. Here are three crucial warning signs to wo watch out for, all of which are indications that it’s time to have your air conditioning system evaluated by a professional:

1. Strange Sounds & Odors

Chances are you know what your AC unit is supposed to sound like. When something sounds out of whack, we tend to notice it immediately. The same goes for any strange smells that come out of nowhere. Unsurprisingly, both of these issues point to actual problems that must be addressed immediately. If you hear things such as metal-on-metal scraping, or if your AC just seems louder, it’s time to give Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric a call.

2. Inadequate Cooling

One of the biggest problems that homeowners in Davis, Woodland, Vacaville and Dixon run into with their air conditioning systems is inadequate cooling. If your AC is taking way too long to cool your home or simply isn’t pushing out cool air, there’s a good chance that it’s experiencing an issue that must be looked at by a professional. It’s also important to realize that insulation and air sealing play a major role in the effectiveness of any cooling system. If they’re lacking, your AC may be unable to cool the home properly. The team at Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric can analyze your home to see what’s going on, and we have solutions no matter the culprit.

3. Moisture & Leakage

When your AC unit is working properly, there should be no threat of moisture or leakage. Water that pools up next to an air conditioner is almost always a sure sign that there are bigger problems at play, such as a blocked drain tube that can no longer effectively get rid of condensation. If left unaddressed, this can become a serious problem and result in complete breakdown of your AC.

Is your air conditioner acting up? Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric can help. Get in touch today to learn more or to schedule an appointment!

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