Would you recommend Greiner Heating, Air, & Solar?


Please tell us why?

Greiner Heating & Air was very easy for us to recommend to our neighbor who eventually put in a new heating and air conditioning system. In her words, “after talking with them (Greiner), we decided to put in the whole enchilada!”

We had a home warranty that covered our air conditioner. We were always told by them that when our system broke down they would repair or replace the unit. We were told to not ever drop the warranty because it would go at any time. After the last repair, we asked about the life of our unit and were surprised at the answer we received….that we were in need of replacement but they would only replace they unit that was already there and since it was too small to do the job, we would have to pay the excess, whatever it would be. It seemed very complicated, especially when they started to tell us we should check to see if there were any rebates through PG&E available to help us.

Seeing your ad in the LeisureTown newsletter made it easy. We called and from the very first contact with your office staff, we could see the difference that real communication makes. Your office staff was very helpful and put us in touch with Nathan who came and explained why our present unit wasn’t doing the job and what we would need. He explained that we would be eligible for rebates and that your company would make that process easy. Greiner did the pressure test and found the leaks in our system and said they would bring everything up to code. Everything Nathan said was truthful and happened just as he said.

To make long story short: We valued what we learned from Nathan and decided we were in good hands. The crew came and worked tirelessly in 100+ degree weather to get the job done. And, we so appreciated all the work the crew did for us. Ruben & Hector were extremely hard working and are to be commended for their excellent work!

So, would we recommend Greiner?? ABSOLUTELY, without any hesitation!!

Thank you, office staff, Nathan, Ruben & Hector!

P.S – Thanks for the cupcakes!

Comfort Advisor: Nathan

Installers: Ruben & Hector


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