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Increase your home comfort year-round with high-performance attic insulation.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing more important than being able to come home to a comfortable living space. California summers can be overwhelmingly hot, and no one wants to be chilly on a cold winter’s night in their own home. In both scenarios, indoor comfort levels can often come down to whether or not your attic is properly insulated.

Insulate Your Attic for Energy Efficiency

Home comfort is important, but so is energy efficiency. If your heating and cooling systems are working harder than they should be, a number of issues can result, including the following:

  • Shorter system life
  • Increased energy bills
  • Poor home comfort levels

We use several different types of insulation:

  • Cellulose
  • Blown fiberglass
  • Spray foam (when appropriate)

Stay Cozy During the Colder Months

A properly insulated home gives a significant boost to your heating systems. Whether you use a furnace or mini-split, high-performance insulation adds a layer of security to your attic. The heated air in your home is much less likely to escape, creating a more comfortable, cozier environment for you and your family throughout the winter months. Your heating unit doesn't have to work overtime to heat your home, meaning you can expect to save on heating bills as well.

Keep Cool, Conditioned Air Inside

When you turn on your AC on a hot summer day, you’re creating conditioned air that is meant to stay inside your home, promoting comfort at stable, reliable temperatures. If insulation is lacking, however, conditioned air can escape. Hot, outside air makes its way into the home. This means your air conditioning system has to work much harder than it should to keep your home cool. High-performance attic insulation (in conjunction with air sealing) helps to ensure that this is never a problem. 

Replace Your Old Attic Insulation

Many California homes are insulated, yet not to the extent they need to be. In many cases, the best course of action may be to replace your old attic insulation with new, high-performance materials. Modern cellulose and fiberglass insulation are perfect for keeping your home as cool as possible in the summer and comfortably warm in the winter. New attic insulation will ensure that conditioned air never escapes or filters out of your living space. 

Talk to us about the appropriate solution for your needs!

At Greiner, we know that insulation is the key to improving home performance and ensuring that your heating and cooling systems function properly for as long as possible. Our friendly, honest approach to evaluating your home’s insulation will put you at ease as we decide on the best course of action to take.

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