June 8, 2022
How to Get the Most Out of Solar Panels Infographic

Is solar power on the horizon for your home? With all the energy savings and other benefits, solar is a smart home energy upgrade. Here are the ways you can maximize the solar potential of your home so you can use your own renewable energy to keep the lights on. 

Monitor Your Energy Use

Knowing how your home and its occupants use energy will help prepare you to make any adjustments needed to maximize solar panel energy potential.

Reduce Home Energy Usage

Home heating and cooling accounts for the majority of home energy use. Improve the insulation and air seal of your home and upgrade to efficient heating and cooling with a heat pump.

Find the Right Spot for Your Solar Panels

Solar panels can be mounted on the roof or on the ground. Choose a south-facing spot with the fewest obstructions to mount your solar panels.

Install Battery Storage

Want to keep your lights on during an outage? You’ll need to store your solar energy using solar battery storage. 

The Local Solar Folks at Greiner

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