A proposal put forward by the Environmental Protection Agency would allow only EPA studies in which raw data is shared with the public to move forward. The proposed Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science was put forward by former EPA Administrator Scott Pruit. Currently, when the Department of Energy conducts lab tests on HVAC equipment, the raw data of the tests are not made public. That’s because some studies use patient medical records, which by law must be confidential, to find a link between public health and the environment. The new rule would only allow tests in which the raw data could be released. Supporters of the new proposal, like Francis Dietz, vice president of public affairs at the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), say having the raw data could help manufacturers check the economic and technical findings of regulators. Opponents of the proposed rule say it would limit studies on the health and environmental impacts of chemicals or emissions.

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The Secret Science Behind HVAC Equipment Ratings

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