Electrifying homes is California’s next stage in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. Many homeowners in the Davis, Dixon, and Vacaville areas are finding effective ways to keep their homes comfortable and efficient while using electricity instead of natural gas.

Here are some of the top home electrification trends in California for hot water, heating, cooling, and cooking systems for 2022.

Heat Pumps

31% of the energy use in California homes goes towards heating and cooling, and over 50% of that heating power is fueled by natural gas. With heat pumps, you can get ultra-efficient heating and cooling in one.

Heat pumps can be connected to an existing central ductwork system, or as stand-alone ductless units installed directly into the room that needs heating and cooling. These all-electric heating and cooling systems are crucial to the all-electric home, and they often qualify for rebates to reduce the cost of installation.


Depending on the design and direction of your roof or property, you could power your home for free and with no impact on the environment when supported by Solar PV panels—one of the largest benefits of an all-electric home.

This can add up to a lot of energy savings over the 25+ year lifespan of a solar PV system. Plus, you’ll be reducing the demand on the electrical grid, which means fewer public safety power shutoffs and unexpected outages.

Heat Pump and High Efficiency Water Heaters

The same technology that makes heat pumps and mini splits so efficient can also be put to use heating the water you need to keep a clean and comfortable home. Heat pump water heaters are perfectly suited for California’s climate, and can make use of the heat in the air to heat the water in the tank. This can eliminate the need for natural gas, and the added carbon monoxide risk that comes with combustion heat.

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Transferring your home to using only electricity is a process, but it does not need to happen all at once. The professional team at Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric can help you take your home electrification one step at a time, to meet your comfort, budget, and energy consumption needs.

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