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From kayaking the Suisun mash, to taking the trip down I-80 to Six Flags, the sunshine follows you wherever you go here in Suisun City. The warm rays of the sun are one of the things that make Solano County one of the hidden gems of California; but what if you could put that same year-round sunshine to work powering your home, by  installing solar panels on your roof or property?

It is no secret that solar energy can help lower your monthly energy costs, and in some cases even eliminate them. What about the other, long-lasting benefits that come with solar, like a lower carbon footprint and a reduced environmental impact,  or securing a low, fixed rate for electricity for decades to come? Did you know that installing solar panels on your roof can even keep your house cooler during those triple-digit summer days?

Harnessing the California sunshine for use in your Suisun City home requires more than just technical knowledge — if you are looking to get the maximum out of your newly installed solar electric system, it takes local expertise. This is why Greiner is the trusted solar installation contractor here in Suisun City, CA. Our team will work with you and your energy goals to design a solar photovoltaic (PV) system that will take advantage of the Solano County climate — and power your home with clean, renewable energy all year long.

Solar Installation Every Home

Solar panels have become much more efficient and even more affordable over the last decade due to advancements in solar technology and manufacturing. This has made it much easier for homeowners to make the investment in solar energy. The solar panels that Greiner installs come with an industry standard 25-year production warranty, and with our expert installation services, you can rest easy knowing your solar PV system will last for decades!

Wondering how to pay for your solar installation? The solar experts at Greiner can even help you to qualify for California’s innovative PACE financing. Energy-conscious homeowners can spread the cost of their solar installation over terms of up to 30 years, with $0 down through this government approved financing program! The best part is, you make payments for your PACE financed solar PV system as a line item on your property taxes. 

Moreover, when you hurry and schedule your solar installation before the end of 2019, you can take advantage of a 30% federal solar tax credit! 

*After 2019 that 30% deduction drops to 26%, and by the year 2022 it will be eliminated, so you’ve got to hustle!

Trust the Local Guys (& Gals) at Greiner

With Greiner, you don’t just get a commitment to honesty, care and patriotism with every job; you get the power of a team of building science and solar installation experts. With our long list of qualifications and our 25+ years of experience in the business,  you can rest easy knowing our Greiner technicians will never sell you on something you don’t need. Greiner is a certified contractor for both Energy Upgrade California and CaliforniaFIRST, showing our dedication to energy efficiency throughout the great state of California.

Looking for other ways to save energy? Reduce the amount of energy your home requires before you go solar, through home performance upgrades like insulation, air sealing, and energy efficient heating and cooling equipment. Reducing your daily energy consumption will reduce the size of your solar PV system, and thus the cost of your solar installation! So if you are looking to utilize solar energy in your Suisun City home, trust the local guys and gals at Greiner.

Tired of seeing your energy rates rise and fall from year to year? Lock in decades of low energy costs, when you go solar! Trust the solar installation experts here in Suisun City, CA. Call or contact us today.

Wondering what the sun here in Suisun City can do for your home energy?

Ask the local guys and gals!

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