Sunflowers in a field outside of Sacramento in Dixon California. Area serviced by Greiner Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating and Air Conditioning Installation in Dixon

Your home in Dixon, California should be comfortable with reasonable energy bills. If you’re constantly finding yourself being too hot or too cold and paying high utility costs, Greiner Heating and Air Conditioning can help. By first conducting an energy audit and making recommended upgrades like insulation or air sealing, your home will be on its way to efficiency and comfort. We can also tune-up, repair or replace your air conditioning and heating units to ensure you’re getting the most of out of their performance. Finally, Greiner can install a high-efficiency water heater for increased savings and a solar photovoltaic system for potentially eliminated electricity bills.

Energy Efficient Heating and AC in Dixon

From Northwest Park to Hall Memorial Park, your Dixon home can be more efficient, allowing you to save and stay comfortable throughout the entire year. If you live off Stratford Avenue, North Adams Street, next to Pitt School Road or anywhere in between, Greiner can help you start saving on your home’s energy bills with high-efficiency weatherization, heating and air conditioning, water heaters and renewable solar energy.

Greiner: The Local Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors

Greiner has been improving homes in the Dixon area for over 25 years. We have experience with retrofitting older homes, as well as improving new builds. Regardless of the state of your home, we can make it more comfortable and help you save money on your energy costs with our energy efficiency upgrades.

Energy savings and home comfort.

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