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Stop fighting over the perfect winter temperature in your Davis, CA home. Greiner walks you through the factors that contribute to finding the most comfortable and energy efficient thermostat setting. Upgrade your home performance with the experts at Greiner, for control over your home comfort and heating bills.

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Furnace not turning on? Find out how to troubleshoot a malfunctioning furnace and what the root cause might be, from Greiner Heating & Air Conditioning. Greiner provides professional heating and air conditioning services to homeowners throughout Yolo & Solano counties.

Everyone wants to be home for the holidays—unless your home is drafty and uncomfortable. Here’s a checklist for keeping your home warm and efficient for the holidays from the experts at Greiner.

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Discover the power of proper air sealing in the battle against your indoor drafts. Air sealing with the local pros at Greiner will keep your home more comfortable as you prep for winter in California. Add insulation for even greater home comfort and energy efficiency! Contact the experts at Greiner.

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As your HVAC appliances go unused, the wear and tear they see during operation can worsen. This can mean loosened electrical connections, additional air and gas leaks, and other inefficiencies that will cost you more each month on your utility bills, and make it much harder to keep your home comfortable.

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Going solar before the end of the year can mean big savings come tax season. The Federal Investment Tax Credit is currently offering a 30% deduction on the cost of new solar installation. Greiner currently installs custom solar PV systems in Davis, Winters, Woodland, Fairfield, Suisun, Vacaville and Dixon, CA.

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Mini split heat pumps have become a popular solution for California homeowners looking to take control of their home comfort. If you have one room that just won’t stay comfortable, talk to the local experts at Greiner Heating and Air about installing your mini split heat pump.

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Locating where exactly in your home you are losing the most energy starts with a comprehensive energy audit. Don’t waste money on home upgrades that won’t make a significant impact on your home performance! Trust the honest experts at Greiner with your California home upgrades.

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You can keep your home comfortable this summer in the California heat with home zoning, smart thermostats, and efficient ductless mini split air conditioners. The heating and cooling professionals at Greiner serve Davis, Winters, Fairfield, Vacaville, Dixon, Suisun and Woodland, CA with expert installation.

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Installing solar panels on your roof can reduce your reliance on your cooling system by lowering the temperature of your home by up top 5 degrees. If you live in Davis, Winters, Fairfield, Vacaville, Dixon, Suisun or Woodland, CA and are looking to go solar, the experts at Greiner have got you covered.


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