August 31, 2017

Why is It So Hot Upstairs?

It has been a particularly hot summer this year in California, causing some homeowners to run their air conditioners non-stop, yet they still can’t seem to cool certain parts of the home. For many, it’s not the downstairs rooms that are hard to cool—it’s the upper portion of the home. It’s not uncommon to think your AC is working improperly, but if the downstairs area is staying cool, chances are the issue is not your air conditioning equipment.

What exactly is causing your upstairs to feel like a furnace? Here are a few reasons why you may be dealing with this all-too-common issue.

Reason #1: Poor Insulation

When the summer heat beats down on your roof, it can cause the attic and then the second floor of your home to heat up exponentially. The solution can be found in properly insulating the attic and sidewalls. As many as 90% of homes throughout the country lack sufficient amounts of insulation. If you’re unsure as to whether or not your attic is insulated properly, this may well be the cause of your problem.

Reason #2: A Leaky Building Envelope

Your home’s building envelope is essentially what separates conditioned spaces like your living room from unconditioned areas such as the garage or exterior of the home. It’s not uncommon for the building envelope to be riddled with tiny cracks and gaps, allowing unwanted airflow to occur. The result? A hot home, no matter how hard your AC tries to keep up.

Reason #3: Leaky Ductwork

It’s not just the building envelope that is prone to leaks—your ductwork is vulnerable, too. Ductwork that is either leaky, unbalanced or improperly insulated will almost always cause home cooling issues during the summer months, and it’s a common problem that homeowners throughout California deal with every year.

Reason #4: Your HVAC System Isn’t Sized Properly

Many people don’t realize that proper sizing of heating and air conditioning systems can have a dramatic effect on how well they’re able to actually heat and cool the home. If your equipment  was installed without proper assessment of your home’s size and airflow patterns, it might be incapable of actually doing its job the way it’s supposed to.

Why is it so Hot Upstairs Infographic

The Solution: Boost Home Comfort with Greiner!

At Greiner, we often get calls from customers during the summer months experiencing uncomfortable upper floors are. Fixing the problem is often easier than most people think, but it all starts with a home energy audit to discover the exact cause. From there, we can determine the best course of action and discuss a plan to help make your home the comfortable environment you deserve to live in.

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