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July 1, 2020

Have you sniffed out this problem? Instead of cool, fresh air flowing from your Vacaville CA home air conditioning, a foul, unpleasant odor blows in. Smells detected when the AC is first turned on have become a common complaint. When your air conditioner smells musty, an AC contractor can help to diagnose the source of these odors. 

What’s causing the bad smell from my AC?

The source behind the smell is typically dirt, dust and moisture that has accumulated on the AC unit’s evaporator coil. This buildup creates the perfect environment for bacteria. While this issue is most common when the AC is first started up in spring, it can occur any time of the year. You might also notice this unpleasant smell in the fall if you have a heat pump. 



Is a smelly Air Conditioner dangerous?

Your Davis CA home’s central air is designed to circulate cool fresh air throughout your home. Strange smells from the AC can be a signal that the air circulating may contain bacteria, or other particulates that can affect your indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can cause some family members to feel uncomfortable, especially if they have asthma, are sensitive allergies, or have other respiratory issues. 

How can I fix the musty smell coming from my air conditioner?

Fortunately, the remedy for that foul odor when you first switch on your AC can be a straightforward AC repair appointment. Since the cause of the problem is typically a dirty air conditioner, the cooling pros at Greiner Heating & AC can perform a thorough cleaning of the outside of the unit as well as the inside of the unit if needed. If the evaporator coil is too dirty, it may need to be replaced. The AC tech can also swap out your old AC filters and replace them with new ones. 

How can I prevent a smelly AC?

One of the best ways to prevent unpleasant AC odor issues is to schedule routine maintenance for your central air system with the AC pros at Greiner Heating & AC. Many customers in the Davis, Dixon and Vacaville CA areas opt for the peace of mind of our Maintenance Value Plan. This MVP program provides regular maintenance tune-ups, priority scheduling, and valuable discounts for parts and service. If your central air system is older than 10-15 years, it may be time to replace. 

Will Air Conditioning smells go away on its own?

While the odors caused by a dirty AC can appear to resolve on its own after the AC has been running for a while, the cause of the stinky AC air will actually only continue to get worse if left untreated. Furthermore, continued operation of a dirty evaporator could eventually require complete replacement. Not to mention, your family will be breathing unhealthy air every day! A routine cleaning can most likely take care of the smell, and - if caught early, when it first occurs, is less expensive and much healthier for your family.

Does your AC smell when it starts?

The answer for smelly AC is a maintenance check-up.

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