Solar Panels Financing
June 7, 2022

While solar panels are a great investment that will pay for themselves long before they need to be replaced (the average payback period for solar is under 10 years, while most systems last an average of 30 years), the upfront costs of solar installation make it a significant investment that many homeowners in Davis, Dixon, and Vacaville worry they can’t afford.

But solar financing solves that problem. Here are four top benefits of financing your solar installation, as well as three financing solar options from Greiner that make solar more affordable for you.

4 Advantages of Solar Panel Financing

1. You don’t need upfront cash

The average net cost of an 8kW solar panel system is about $16,000, and the reality is that most homeowners here in California don’t have that much money sitting around in their bank accounts waiting to be spent. Financing helps you find a solar upgrade within your budget.

2. You can take advantage of solar benefits immediately

If you had to wait until you had the cash to pay for solar panels outright, you’d also have to wait longer to start benefiting from solar, like lowering electricity bills and powering your home with clean renewable energy. The sooner you go solar, the sooner you start saving.

3. You still qualify for the federal solar tax credit

The solar Investment Tax Credit (or ITC, also known as the federal solar tax credit) is one of the biggest solar incentives available, and can reduce your total solar installation costs by thousands of dollars. You’ll still own your solar panels if you finance, which is the main qualifying criteria for this tax credit.

4. You avoid a solar lease

Some solar installers promote solar leasing as a smart alternative to paying the total upfront, but at Greiner, we know that solar leases are a bad deal for homeowners. With a solar lease, you don’t actually own your solar panels, and it can create a real estate nightmare if you ever decide to sell your home. Financing is superior to leasing in virtually every way, and is the smarter long-term way to invest in renewable energy for your home.

2 Solar Financing Options from Greiner

Different homeowners will be looking for different financing options, which is why Greiner offers several to choose from!

  • Travis Credit Union: Low fixed interest rate, and no prepayment penalties

  • Same-as-cash financing plans via Greiner: 6, 12, or 18-month options available

Not sure which is the right financing option for you? The solar team at Greiner is happy to work with you to better understand your financial situation and recommend a solution that adds solar energy to your home now while setting you up for long-term financial success! And of course we’ll also review all available solar incentives and rebates you may qualify for as well.

Find out how you can afford solar for your home today with financing options from Greiner. Call 707-678-1784 or contact us today for a solar consultation.

Financing is the smart way to go solar sooner.

Learn more about your options with Greiner.


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