May 31, 2022
Is Solar Right For You? Infographic

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Is solar worth it for your Davis, Dixon, or Vacaville home? California checks all the necessary boxes for sunlight hours, which is part of why solar PV systems are so popular throughout our beautiful state. 

Find out how a solar PV system can benefit your home and family from the experts at Greiner!

The Benefits of Solar Panels

Solar in California is pretty common for good reason! There are many benefits of having a solar-powered home in Davis, Dixon, and Vacaville. These can include:

  • Lower monthly electric bills

  • Helps fight climate change

  • Locks in electricity costs for 25+ years—no more price fluctuations!

  • Improves the health of your community by reducing pollutants in the air

Is Solar Right For Your Home?

There are a few easy ways to tell if solar panels are a good investment for your home. 

Local Climate

With how much sun California gets, homeowners who spend $200 a month on electricity can enjoy a return on investment in only about 6.4 years on average, compared to 9 or more years in other parts of the country.

Roof Size and Obstructions

The best roofs for solar are at least 45 feet wide and have few chimneys and other obstructions. Even if your roof isn’t suitable, ground-mount systems are an effective alternative! Greiner can help you find the right option for your property. 

Roof and Property Orientation

South-facing roofs receive the most sun, but don’t let a north-facing roof deter you from pursuing your solar dreams! Greiner can help with tilt angling to help you get your best exposure.

Enjoy Impressive Savings Through 2023 With Solar From Greiner!

Thanks to the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), Greiner can help you earn tax credits to lower the cost of their new solar system. The solar tax credit rate will remain at 26% through the end of 2022, drop to 22% in 2023, and expire for homeowners in 2024. Act now to earn your maximum tax credit, and even qualify for financing.

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