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November 1, 2018

It may still be in the 70s here in California, but that doesn’t mean the late fall and winter temperatures aren’t right around the corner! Pretty soon the “heat” and “cool” switch of your thermostat will be hot from use, switching back and forth from day to day. So what can you do to prepare? Schedule a Danny’s Double Tune Up for heating and cooling system for only $99!

Don’t Fall Behind on your HVAC Maintenance

Keeping your home comfortable all year round means your air conditioner and heating system need to be prepared for whatever the weather brings. But with the heat of another California summer, your heater has likely been out of sight, out of mind, and out of use since it started warming up last spring.

As your HVAC appliances go unused, the wear and tear they see during operation can worsen. This can mean loosened electrical connections, additional air and gas leaks, and other inefficiencies that will cost you more each month on your utility bills, and make it much harder to keep your home comfortable. Proper maintenance of your air conditioner, furnace, and other HVAC appliances is key to stopping these issues before they turn into an expensive HVAC emergency.

Danny’s Double Tune Up

At Greiner, our technician Danny has cooked up quite the deal to make sure both your air conditioner and furnace are running at peak efficiency as the seasons change. With this all-points tune-up service for only $99, our team will make sure every bolt and screw is tightened, every electrical connection is checked and repaired, and that your system is running safely & efficiently for the season.

When your home heating and cooling systems are running at peak efficiency, it means you are living in a healthier home—which brings a long list of benefits, including:

  • A more comfortable home, year round

  • Dependable HVAC appliances with fewer breakdowns

  • Increased indoor air quality

  • Greater energy conservation

All that, for just $99? HVAC maintenance has never been easier or more affordable for homeowners in Yolo and Solano county!

Go with the Local Guys and Gals, at Greiner

Trusting a local expert is paramount to making the most of your HVAC equipment, energy efficiency upgrades, and even going solar. Increasing your home’s performance is dependent on the local climate, so why would you trust anyone else with your healthy home needs? Call Greiner to schedule your Danny’s Double Tune Up today!

Will your home be ready for winter comfort? Schedule your Danny’s Double Tune Up for only $99, before the temperatures start to drop! Contact us today!

How can you be sure both your air conditioner and furnace are ready for winter?

With Danny’s Double Tune Up!

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