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October 18, 2018

As the fall colors and accompanying temperatures settle in, it can be hard not to look towards the end of the 2018 and the beginning of 2019. If going solar has been on your mind this year, the time to let that idea see the light of day is now!

We would love to see your home powered by the renewable energy of the sun. Do you know who else wants you to go solar, and     has even provided a financial incentive for you to do so? The federal government!

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

If you schedule and install your new solar photovoltaic system (otherwise known as solar PV) before the end of the year, the federal government allows you to deduct 30% of the cost of your system on your federal taxes for that year. This deduction has no credit limit, so no matter how much you spend on going solar, you can expect to get 30% back come April!

Even if 30% of the cost of your solar installation is more than what you owe in federal taxes this year, you can roll over the remainder of those savings into next year. This guarantees that you get all of that 30% back. But in order to take advantage of this incentive, you’ve got to install your new solar system before year’s end.

Don’t Pay ‘till Your Solar System Sees the Light of Day

When you are looking to go solar, you deserve a customized experience. And developing a custom solar PV system for your home can take some time. So, how frustrating would it be to pay an electricity bill while you’re patiently waiting for your solar panels to be installed?

Well, the solar pros at Greiner don’t want you to have to worry about your energy bill any longer than you have to. Once you’ve made the decision to go solar with Greiner, we will pay your electric bill until your new solar PV system is up and running! Plus, Greiner is also offering $1,000 off of any installed system over 2.5 kilowatts. Each one of our custom designed and installed solar PV systems comes with an unprecedented 25-year power warranty—so you can rest easy knowing your energy savings will last you decades to come.

Energy Efficiency Starts Inside the Home

Greiner is not only a trusted solar contractor in both Yolo & Solano Counties; we also have over 25 years of experience increasing the year-round energy efficiency and overall performance of our customers’ homes. What good is using green, renewable energy from your custom solar panels if your home is wasting that energy through inefficient heating and cooling equipment, or air leaks and insufficient insulation in your home? Making the right energy upgrades before going solar begins with an energy audit, which arms you with all the information you need on exactly how your home is performing.

Now’s the Time to Go with Greiner

If you are looking for the perfect time to start your home’s journey into energy conservation and solar energy, there has never been a better time than now. The full list of currently offered savings and benefits includes:

  • 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit

  • $1,000 savings on a 2.5+ kilowatt system

  • 25-year power solar panel warranty

  • Don’t pay your energy bill ‘till installation is complete

What are you waiting for? Greiner has been the trusted solar contractor for over 25 years, as other companies have faded into darkness. It’s time your ideas for going solar see the light of day!

A custom solar electric system will save you on your taxes, and you won’t even have to pay your electricity bill until installation! Greiner is ready to shine a light on your home’s solar energy. Contact us today!

Looking to get rid of your electricity bill and pay less taxes?

It’s time to shed some light on the benefits of going solar.


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