Part of our company mission is to help educate homeowners on topics related to making your home better with heating, air conditioning, energy efficiency upgrades and solar. Read all about it here on the blog!

person holding a dusty air conditioner filter

This checklist from Greiner shows you how to get your air conditioner ready for summer. Schedule your air conditioner tune-up today and stay cool!

man fixing home's ductwork

Do you know if your ductwork is leaking? Look for these common signs of bad ductwork and call Greiner to determine if it’s worth replacing the ductwork in your California home.

man replacing a furnace filter

Find out the average lifespan of a furnace, and how to know when it’s time for replacement. Call Greiner for furnace maintenance, repair, and replacement in Davis, CA and surrounding areas.

button that says "air quality" with a green thumbs up

Are you looking for indoor air quality solutions for your Dixon, Davis, or Vacaville, CA home? Learn more about air purifiers and how they work. Call Greiner for indoor air quality diagnostics and start breathing easier today.

Outdoor heat pump unit on a home

Heat pumps are a great choice for homeowners in Northern California, and especially well-suited for our climate. Learn how rebates, tax credits, and other state and federal incentive programs make heat pump upgrades more affordable!

High-Efficiency Tank Water Heaters

Upgrading to a high efficiency hot water heater from Greiner is a great way for Davis CA families to save money. Cut hot water costs by 50% and qualify for tax incentives with a high efficiency hot water tank.

Installing a Solar Cell on a Roof

With energy costs rising, a solar energy system installed by the experts at Greiner Heating and Cooling is a wise investment for your Dixon, CA home. Lock in energy costs for 20+ years and take advantage of the 30% federal solar tax credit with your own solar power system.

couple manage family expenses

Keep your home free of costly heating emergencies by properly maintaining it — make sure to change your air filters, check your thermostat, and keep up with annual heating maintenance. Greiner Heating & AC provides furnace maintenance and repair services throughout Davis, Vacaville, Winters, and West Sacramento.

happy couple saving money over the holidays

A few maintenance tasks for your furnace can ensure peak efficiency and comfort through the cold months. Learn how to reduce your heating costs this winter, from the HVAC repair experts at Greiner Heating, Air, and Solar.

Hand sketching on an energy efficiency project

Going all-electric with the appliances you depend on to keep your home comfortable is becoming increasingly important throughout the greater Davis, Vacaville, and West Sacramento area. Greiner Heating and AC is the expert in all-electric heating, cooling, and even solar PV installation. Learn more here.


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