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Find out what you can do to fix a broken heater and when it’s time to call for expert help. Greiner is the local HVAC repair contractor Dixon, Davis, and Vacaville homeowners trust for expert service. To prevent break-downs, join our Maintenance Value Plan and get 2 free tune-ups a year!

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Find the right solution for whole home comfort in your house with mini split heat pump installation from Greiner. Mini splits are perfect for homes with uneven heating, and can transform rooms that don’t get much use when the weather’s chilly into year-round sources of comfort for your family.

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Are tankless water heaters worth it for Dixon CA homeowners? The hot water experts at Greiner Heating & Air Conditioning share the pros & cons of tankless water heaters. Benefits include an endless supply of instant hot water, lower energy costs, and compact size.

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Learn more about the causes of poor indoor air quality in your home, and how you can take steps to help reduce indoor air pollutants and make your home healthier for you and your family. Greiner offers a number of IAQ solutions, from air quality testing to air sealing, duct inspection and more.

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Learn more about the difference between HEPA and MERV air filters, and how you can decide which filter upgrade is the best choice for you. Greiner Heating and Air Conditioning has been helping California homeowners improve the air in their homes for years—reach out to our team of experts today.

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Breathe easier this fall with HVAC solutions and services that can help reduce indoor air pollutants, including allergens, in your home. Greiner Heating and Air Conditioning explains how replacing your air filters and cleaning your ducts can create a healthier indoor environment for your family.

tankless water heater

Lower your energy bills with the savings from upgrading to a tankless hot water heater. Tankless water heaters not only provide endless hot water for your family, but they last longer and waste virtually zero energy, saving you money for decades to come. Learn more from Greiner today.

frozen pipe on air conditioner

Learn more about what’s creating ice on your air conditioner or your AC pipe outside your home, and how the expert HVAC professionals at Greiner can help! Whether it’s low refrigerant levels or dirty evaporator coils, our team can help unfreeze your air conditioner and make your home comfortable again quickly.

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Learn more about mini-split heat pump technology and how scheduling mini-split installation for your home can improve home comfort and reduce your energy bills—all without the hassle of dealing with old, leaking, and poorly designed duct work! Talk to an HVAC expert today.

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Learn more about the different sounds an air conditioner can make when it’s not working properly. From hissing, rattling, and knocking to buzzing and squealing, there are a number of ways your AC could be trying to tell you it needs help. Call Greiner today for expert diagnostic and repair services.


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