Part of our company mission is to help educate homeowners on topics related to making your home better with heating, air conditioning, energy efficiency upgrades and solar. Read all about it here on the blog!

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How can you tell if your HVAC system is operating properly? Learn more about the basic components of an HVAC system, and how the mechanical equipment in your home works to keep you comfortable and healthy year-round. Reach out to Greiner for all your HVAC needs and issues.

Cellulose insulation

Maximize your energy efficiency when you schedule insulation and air sealing retrofit work at the same time. Greiner Heating & Air explains how these home improvement projects work best together, and how homeowners looking for the benefits of added insulation in CA can save money and improve comfort.

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Learn more about the life expectancy of your furnace or HVAC system, and how regular maintenance affects the lifespan of your heating and cooling units. From central air to mini-split heat pump life expectancy, Greiner breaks down how long you can expect your system to last in your California home.

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Make the most out of your home performance upgrade project with attic insulation replacement and air sealing. Learn more why air sealing and insulation upgrades, even more than window replacement, will have the biggest effect on reducing your energy costs and improving your home comfort.

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Are you having trouble choosing a new water heater? Compare the pros and cons of tankless water heaters and traditional storage tank units with Greiner Heating & Air. We cover cost, lifespan, energy savings, and more, as we explore the factors you should consider before purchasing a new hot water heater.

man repairing a furnace

As we get further and further into the fall season, temperatures are continuing to drop, and every day is a step closer to the point where Davis and Dixon homeowners finally turn on their heating to keep the overnight temperatures comfortable in their California homes.

If this sounds familiar, you probably haven’t thought about your furnace for many months. But it won’t be long before you’re relying on it every day to keep you cozy during the colder winter months.

energy audit of home on tablet

Homeowners in Woodland learn how to save money with a home energy audit from the pros at Greiner Heating & AC. Our whole home approach finds unique solutions for inefficient homes, including air sealing, insulation, & heating & cooling upgrades that may qualify for valuable rebates!

heat pump outside of home

Wasting as little energy as possible, heating and cooling your home will lead to greater energy bill savings. Greiner Heating & AC explains the pros and cons of HVAC zoning systems and why custom dual-zoned HVACs or ductless mini-splits can bring significant cost savings to your Dixon, Vacaville, and Davis, CA home.

California home

What does SEER mean and what is a good SEER rating? Greiner Heating & AC takes you through an introduction to the SEER rating system and how to choose the best air conditioning unit for your Davis, Dixon, and Vacaville home.

woman smelling something foul in her home
If your AC smells off when it starts up, the cooling pros at Greiner Heating & AC can solve this smelly problem in your Davis & Dixon CA home. Get an AC maintenance check-up to clean your central air and sign up for a maintenance plan to keep your family healthy.


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