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frozen pipe on air conditioner in the summer

How do you stop an air conditioner from freezing, even during the blistering summer heat here in Davis, Dixon, Vacaville, & Woodland, CA? The local guys and gals at Greiner will help you diagnose and thaw your frozen air conditioner, so you can keep your cool no matter how hot the summer gets. Learn more here.

The solar installation savings of California Solar Incentive program have been exhausted here in Davis and Woodland, CA. But with the help of Greiner, the local solar installation experts, you can still take advantage of the Federal Solar Tax Credit and net metering with your local utility. Learn more here!

water heater adjustment knob

Is your failing water heater struggling to keep up with your family’s showering schedule? Learn how an on demand tankless water heater installed by Greiner can provide efficient hot water for your Davis, Dixon, or Vacaville, CA home for decades. Schedule professional tankless water heater installation with Greiner.

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Rusty water, standing water around your water heater, and a rumbling sounds are all signs it may be time to replace your water heater. Learn more about the signs to look for and the best high efficiency options for water heater replacement here in Davis, Vacaville and Dixon, CA.

A proposal put forward by the Environmental Protection Agency would allow only EPA studies in which raw data is shared with the public to move forward. The proposed Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science was put forward by former EPA Administrator Scott Pruit. Currently, when the Department of Energy conducts lab tests on HVAC equipment, the raw data of the tests are not made public. That's because some studies use patient medical records, which by law must be confidential, to find a link between public health and the environment.

100 dollar bills and calculator

Many furnace frustrations can be linked to poor ductwork design, like weak air flow from your vents and chilly indoor temperatures. Greiner heating specializes in ductwork design for proper sizing and duct sealing for holes and cracks in your ductwork. Solve your furnace woes with the Greiner pros!

woman inside closing a window

Keeping your windows closed during the Sacramento winter could be increasing the allergy-like symptoms you and your family experience in your own home. Greiner will get your indoor air quality back on track by helping to remove harmful germs, contaminants, and allergens from your ductwork and living space.

confused man

If your furnace is making a high-pitched noise, rattling, buzzing, knocking, or clanking, it's a clear sign it is time for furnace maintenance from the home heating experts at Greiner Heating & AC. Greiner repairs & services furnaces in Dixon, Davis, Winters, Fairfield, Vacaville, Woodland and Suisun, CA.


Low air flow from your vents, inconsistent room to room temperatures and higher than expected energy bills are the common symptoms of improperly sized ductwork. Learn about the signs your ductwork may be in need of re-design or repair, from the ductwork professionals at Greiner Heating and Air Conditioning.

heart shaped germs in petri dish

The dry air and cooler temperatures of California in February can leave you and your family vulnerable to the germs, mold, and allergens in the air you breathe at home. Greiner upgrades the indoor air quality for homeowners with ventilation upgrades, professional air sealing, and more!


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