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Heat pumps have grown in popularity in recent years due to their energy efficiency compared to traditional heating and air conditioning systems. Ducted heat pumps provide many benefits to homeowners and can connect to your existing ductwork to provide whole home comfort. 

California’s mild seasons make ducted heat pumps the perfect choice for HVAC replacement, though they can also work in tandem with your existing system. If you’re interested in electrification and saving money on your energy bills, Greiner can help find the right heat pump for your Davis home. 

How Ducted Heat Pumps Work 

Heat pumps work by transferring heat either in or out of your home, depending on where it’s needed. Since they move heat instead of creating it, heat pumps are more efficient than traditional furnaces. The transfer or “pumping” of heat is also what gives heat pumps the ability to both heat and cool your home all year. 

Ducted heat pumps consist of an outdoor compressor and indoor unit to supply conditioned air. The outside compressor works much like an air conditioner and circulates a refrigerant through the system to pump heat through your home. The only difference is that a heat pump can move heat in both directions, either supplying heat or removing it. The heat pump’s indoor unit can replace a furnace and distributes conditioned air through your home through its ductwork.  

Ducted Heat Pumps vs Ductless Mini-Splits

The biggest difference between a mini-split and a ducted heat pump is that ducted heat pumps work with your new or existing ductwork while mini-splits are ductless. Both types of heat pumps use an outdoor compressor, but mini-split systems connect to individual air handlers installed directly in the rooms of your home instead of connecting to a central duct system. Ducted heat pump installation is perfect for homeowners looking to decrease their use of fossil fuels and take advantage of existing ductwork. 

Benefits of Ducted Heat Pumps 

In addition to providing year-round and all-electric comfort to your home, ducted heat pumps provide many benefits, like:

  • Quiet operation

  • Consistent home temperatures

  • Lower energy costs

  • High energy efficiency

  • No risk of carbon monoxide leaks

Schedule Ducted Heat Pump Installation With Greiner 

We believe that heat pumps are the way of the future. If you want to start saving energy and electrifying your Davis home, call the experts at Greiner Heating, Air, & Solar. We can help make your home healthier and more energy efficient with a ducted heat pump.

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