Every customer who works with Greiner Heating and Air Conditioning has the opportunity to fill out our "World's Shortest Survey" after the job is done. We've been collecting this feedback for years, and wow – what an amazing trove of responses! What you see here is just a small sample, but we hope it encourages you to choose Greiner for your home comfort and efficiency needs.

Thanks to all our happy customers who have provided these reviews!

Greiner Heating and Air Conditioning
Greiner Heating and Air Conditioning

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The team that installed the HVAC were very clean and they finished the job in 2 days.  The salesman was very helpful and understoof our needs.  The Greiner people were clean, fast, and knowledgeable.  Thank you for a job well done!

Comfort Advisor: Roger

Installers: Luis, Edwin, and Heladio



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