Uncomfortable Home? It’s Probably Your Air Ducts!
BPI certified Greiner technician inspects ductwork

Does your home have uncomfortable rooms? Do you have high energy bills? Most people are convinced their air conditioner is to blame, but it’s probably your ductwork. At Greiner Heating and Air Conditioning, we know how to fix the problems caused by poorly designed, poorly maintained or damaged ductwork. We’ve helped more than 517 homeowners receive over $2.2 million in PG&E rebate incentives to make energy-saving improvements to their ductwork. 

Greiner is Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified and uniquely qualified to repair, design and replace your ductwork. Even a new AC system needs to breath freely through designed and installed ducts.

Ductwork Airflow Inspection Special

Our regularly priced $195 Ductwork Airflow Inspection is FREE to the first 50 homeowners to schedule before August 28th!

We’ll check and measure:

  • Room-by-room airflow
  • Upstairs and downstairs temperature balance
  • Air flowing through your filter compared to the air flowing into each room
  • Visually inspect ducts for missing insulation, crushed areas and loose duct connections

We’ll share airflow measurements and photos of any duct problems found and offer real solutions.

PLUS! To help with the cost Greiner is offering 3 year no interest financing OR $500 off!

Hurry! This offer is only available to the first 50 homeowners who call to schedule their FREE Ductwork Airflow Inspection before August 28th! Contact us today.

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