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Great News for Natomas Homeowners!

Greiner Heating, Air, and Electric now serves Natomas homeowners. For over 30 years, we’ve focused entirely on cities in Solano and Yolo counties, but since we’ve put together a program so compelling and beneficial, we just had to share it with you right away!


You’ve likely heard a lot about the “Electrification” of your home heating system and the benefits of converting from fossil fuel (natural gas) to “all-electric” using heat-pump technology. Now, there are the same climate and energy efficiency benefits using this same 100% electric heat pump technology to heat your water!

FREE Heat-Pump Water Heater installed by Greiner

When you add up the new state of California incentives, SMUD incentives, and Greiner’s heat-pump water heater buying power, we can offer you a FREE, 100% electric heat pump water heater.
Because Greiner is in the top ten of heat-pump installation companies in the entire state, based on incentives paid to our clients, we’re able to do it for no money out of your pocket. No funny financing, no fine print. Other companies may make you pay upfront and wait (and wait some more) for complex incentives to reimburse you. But Greiner is different- we’ll do all the waiting for you.

  • Greiner will install your new efficient heat pump water heater, and you won’t pay us a penny!
  • Greiner will install the electrical and plumbing, get the permit, and complete all the paperwork.
  • You must live in Natomas for no up-front costs. (Outside of Natomas, you’ll have to wait for the $2,000 federal tax credit to break even).
  • State of California Electrification Incentives are fully funded with $82 million and begin November 1st, 2023. But this is a state-wide program and we anticipate funding will go quickly!
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I Want a FREE Water Heater – Sign Me Up!

You can schedule online with the form below or give us a Call. Whichever way you get ahold of us is fine… just don’t wait! When the funding runs out, the program ends.

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