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Woodland ’s Solar “Pioneers”

If you are looking to install solar panels on your Woodland, CA home, then you probably already know about the long list of benefits solar energy can bring — like reducing your carbon footprint and environmental impact, the decades of energy bill savings, and even keeping your house cooler. But whatever the reason, choosing the right local solar panel company to design and install your residential solar photovoltaic (PV) system is integral to accomplishing your energy goals.

Harnessing the maximum amount of California sunshine for use in your Woodland home requires more than just technical knowledge. It takes local expertise. And when you partner with Greiner for your solar PV installation, Greiner can install a custom solar array designed for your roof, or ground mounted on your property, to meet your exact energy needs and long term goals.

Installing Solar Energy For Any Budget

Over the last decade, solar panels have become much more efficient and more affordable due to advancements in technology and manufacturing. This means that you can use more clean and green renewable energy in your Woodland area home for less. Moreover, homeowners who go solar before the end of 2019 can take advantage of a 30% deduction of their solar installation costs from their federal taxes — thanks to the federal solar tax credit! But, after 2019 that 30% deduction drops to 26%, and by the year 2022 it will be eliminated. So you’ve got to hurry!

When you install your solar PV system with Greiner, our experts can help you to qualify for California’s innovative PACE financing. This government approved financing program allows energy-conscious homeowners to spread the cost of their solar installation over terms of up to 30 years, with $0 down! But the best part is, payments for a solar PV system financed through PACE financing are spread out as a line item on your property taxes.

Greiner: The Local Guys (& Gals) for Over a Decade

At the heart of every job here at Greiner is a commitment to honesty, care and patriotism. Our knowledge of better building science and customer service has earned us a long list of qualifications, so you can rest easy knowing our Greiner technicians will never sell you something you don’t need. Greiner is a certified contractor for both Energy Upgrade California and CaliforniaFIRST, showing our dedication to energy efficiency throughout the great state of California.

Our solar experts will work with you to reduce the amount of energy your home requires through home performance upgrades like insulation, air sealing, and energy efficient heating and cooling equipment — as well as determine your solar energy goals. Reducing the energy your home consumes will reduce the size of your solar PV system, lowering your installation costs even further! So if you are looking to go solar here in California’s City of Trees, trust the local guys and gals at Greiner.

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