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Central air conditioning unit outside of home in Dixon, California.

No matter how high quality your air conditioning system is, it’s important to realize that it will require repairs at one point or another. All appliances can suffer from wear and tear over time, regardless of how much they’re actually used. In some cases, issues with your AC will make themselves known loud and clear. Other times, however, it can be difficult to tell whether or not your AC is in need of repair, or even if it needs replacing.

Ventilation in the home

Author: Blake Shurtz

Much like the recommendation to install dampers, I almost always emphasize adding a second return when replacing ductwork. During a major energy upgrade that we recently completed, we had two return ducts- a 14" in the main house and a 12" return duct in the master bedroom. That was for a 1.5 ton system and the static was 0.33 inches of water column (IWC). We went with smaller sized ducts for better insulation burial and higher velocity. The less time the cool air is in the hot attic the less heat gain.  

HVAC technician in attic crawlspace

Fairfield, California- June 3rd, 2016- It’s that time of year again, when exceedingly high temperatures can lead to exceedingly low patience. During these hot summer months, many home owners begin to look for ways to keep cool without spending a fortune. PG&E is doing their part to help, by partnering with HVAC companies like Greiner Heating, Air and Solar in the Energy Upgrade California (EUC) Program.

tankless water heater

Homeowners in Davis, Woodland, Vacaville and Dixon who are interested in boosting home performance can get a lot of value out of taking a closer look at their water heaters. Hot water is something that we often take for granted, especially when you consider that it’s an essential part of our days. While tank-based water heaters have historically been embraced throughout the country and the rest of the world, more and more forward-thinking homeowners are beginning to put stock in the idea of going tankless with each passing year.

transparent building breaking home into rooms

At Greiner Heating and Air, we get a lot of complaints from homeowners in the Davis, Woodland and Winters areas about uncomfortable spots within the home. Often, these come in the form of major temperature differences between rooms, which is a common problem that affects homes of all shapes and sizes. If this issue sounds familiar, it may be worth your while to take a look at home zoning.

Solar panels and a sunflower in California

Solar is becoming one of the most popular choices for California homeowners living in the Davis, Dixon, Winters, Fairfield and Vacaville areas. While once thought to be a technology reserved for the wealthy, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are more affordable than ever before and are now being embraced by homeowners throughout the state. It’s not just a passing trend; solar provides a great number of benefits to those who make the switch.

vent in a California home

Home ventilation is something that many people take for granted. Like flipping on a lightswitch, we often just assume that the ventilation in our homes is up to par, but it’d be wrong to say that this is always the case. In order to maintain good indoor air quality, energy-efficient home require mechanical ventilation.

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Homeowners living in Davis, Fairfield and Woodland, CA are increasingly looking towards ways in which they can lower their monthly energy bills, and for good reason. There are many different types of home performance upgrades that can lead to a more comfortable home and help you reduce your energy bills, and installing a high-efficiency tank water heater is a great way to start.

Energy Efficient Homes in California

If there’s one thing that homeowners in Vacaville and Davis need to worry about, it’s their home envelope. Your home’s building envelope is what separates its comfortable, conditioned interior from the outside elements, and it’s just as crucial for keeping your home cool in the summer as it is keeping it warm in the winter. Unfortunately, many California homes suffer from poorly designed or constructed building envelopes, resulting in year-round discomfort and problems with energy efficiency.


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