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If the stack effect is occurring in your home, you’ve likely noticed cold drafts and high heating bills in the winter months.

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Were your energy bills frightening this summer? Luckily there is a simple way to lower your A/C and heating costs!

It has been a particularly hot summer this year in California, causing some homeowners to run their air conditioners non-stop, yet they still can’t seem to cool certain parts of the home. For many, it’s not the downstairs rooms that are hard to cool—it’s the upper portion of the home. It’s not uncommon to think your AC is working improperly, but if the downstairs area is staying cool, chances are the issue is not your air conditioning equipment.

When the temperatures outside heat up and stay high for weeks, it’s easy for little things to turn into serious issues. For example, the upstairs of your home can start to feel like an oven or your basement might feel particularly damp and humid. While you might have been able to handle a day or two of that in the past, if the problems persist for weeks on end — it’s time to make changes for the long-term.

Believe it or not, but we’re already well over a month into the summer. This means that the air conditioner in your Dixon, CA area home has been running overtime to try and keep you cool. If it’s starting to act up and you’re not sure what’s wrong, you might be wondering whether you should be calling in a professional for repairs or a whole new system.

Summer has already put homeowners through the wringer with temperatures rising well into the 100s. You might be tired of paying high energy bills and still not feeling completely comfortable. Would a new air conditioner help improve your situation or are you doomed to suffer through the remainder of the summer?

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Staying comfortable doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Air conditioning is essential to staying cool but old, outdated systems hike up your energy bills
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When the triple-digit heat engulfs the Sacramento Valley, it quickly becomes apparent how necessary air conditioning is. Many homes across the greater Dixon, CA area are already blasting their air conditioner, using it to keep cool through these hazy summer days (and nights). Even high performing systems can suffer if they are overextended during peak use. We have some factors to consider this summer to stay cool and keep your air conditioner functioning properly.

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Summer heat is just around the corner in California, and with rising energy costs, reducing energy usage is increasingly important for homeowners. Here are the 10 best ways to keep your energy bills low this summer!

Switching to solar is becoming more popular than ever. Using the sun’s endless supply of energy can help homeowners throughout the Vacaville and Dixon region of California reduce (and even potentially eliminate) their energy bills while preserving the environment and reducing the country’s reliance on fossil fuels.


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