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Woman smiling while using heat pump with remote

Learn how a heat pump can make your home in Dixon, Davis, or Vacaville more efficient! The HVAC experts at Greiner believe in helping California homeowners save money and energy on home heating and cooling. Reach out today!

Man sneezing on couch during allergy season

Is your sneezing caused by poor indoor air quality (IAQ) or spring allergies? Alleviate allergy symptoms no matter the cause with IAQ services from Greiner, CA's trusted heating and air contractor! Call now.

Saving money with financing for solar panels

The cost of solar can vary depending on the proper use of financing and tax credits. Learn how solar can save you in energy costs with these important solar savings and financing details. Greiner Heating and Air,& Solar installs solar panels on homes throughout Vacaville, Dixon, and West Sacramento.

Solar Panels Financing

Start benefiting from solar now while making the smartest long-term financial decision for your home—learn more about financing options from Greiner. From local credit union options to financing and more, our team can help you find the right way to add renewable energy to your home.

Is Solar a Good Fit Infographic

Find out if your home is a good fit for solar panels from the experts at Greiner! This infographic makes it easy for Davis homeowners to find out about the benefits of solar PV in California.

Greiner Mini Split Heat Pumps 101 Infographic Cover Photo

Mini split heat pumps are heating and cooling systems that Californians love for their efficiency, versatility, and reliability in Dixon, Davis, and Vacaville. How do mini splits work? The Greiner team explains in this infographic. Call today to enjoy a more comfortable home year-round and lower heating bills.

California fall allergies indoor air quality

Suffering from a runny nose, watery eyes, or other fall allergy or asthma symptoms? Seasonal allergies don’t have to ruin your fall! The pros at Greiner can help improve your indoor air quality and eliminate common indoor allergens so you can enjoy the autumn season. Learn more today!

air conditioned home california

Central air conditioning can make an enormous difference to the comfort, indoor air quality, and overall health of your home, and Lennox air conditioners are a popular choice for those who value quality around Davis, Dixon, and Vacaville, California.

greiner top reasons to install solar videographic

Watch this video to learn why many Californians are going solar, like the energy savings, available rebates to reduce installation costs, and more. Greiner Heating and Air Conditioning is the trusted local HVAC contractor and solar installation company in Davis, Dixon, Winters, Vacaville, and West Sacramento, CA.

man looking confused by air conditioner

Find out what’s causing that weird knocking noise when your AC is on, and how Greiner can help you fix it fast with expert home AC repair near you in Davis, Dixon, or Vacaville, CA. Schedule air conditioner repair with our team today. We’ll get to the bottom of that AC clunk noise.


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